Child Therapeutic Support - Chennai

At Sree’s Rehabilitation Center, we focus on holistic development of the child by multidisciplinary approach which we achieve by providing services like

Ocupational Therapy (O.T)

Speech and language therapy (SLT)

Sensory integration (S.I)

Augmentative and Alternate communication (AAC)

Special education (S.Ed.)

Facilitating social skill and play

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Special Child Disorders and difficulties

  At SRC we focus on all kinds of developmental disabilities and congenital problems.  


Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder

Speech and language delay

Learning difficulty

Cerebral palsy

Semantic pragmatic disorder


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  At Sree’s Learning Center, our ultimate goal is to bring children with special needs into the mainstream society by inducting them into normal school. In order to achieve this goal we started Sree's learning centre where we work on school readiness with independency. At Sree's Learning center we help children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and slow learners.

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