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Speech Therapy for Children at Sree's Rehabilitation Center, Chennai

Is your child experiencing challenges with speech and language? Look no further than Sree’s Rehabilitation Center for specialized child speech therapy services near you. We are committed to providing top-quality speech and language interventions tailored to suit the unique needs of your child.

Why Choose Sree's Rehabilitation Center for Speech Therapy?

We believe that every child learns and communicates differently, and our commitment lies in offering tailored therapy programs to support each child’s journey to success. Here’s why we are the preferred choice for your child’s communication development:

  • Certified, Experienced and Qualified Therapists:

    Our team comprises highly skilled and certified speech-language pathologists, including BASLP & MASLP (Speech therapist and Audiologist), with extensive experience in working with children.

  • 15 years of Established Services:

    We have been serving the community with dedication for 15 years, earning a reputation for delivering reliable and effective speech therapy.

  • Catering to over 4000 Clients across 5 Locations in Chennai:

    Our wide reach and successful track record reflect our expertise in transforming communication skills for children in various locations across Chennai.

  • Personalized Treatment Plans

    We recognize that each child is unique, and our therapy programs are designed to address specific speech and language challenges effectively.

  • Child-Centered Approach:

    Our therapists create a welcoming and enjoyable environment, fostering a positive learning experience that encourages your child’s active participation and progress.

Our Approach to Speech & Language Therapy

  • Assessment:

    Conduct a thorough assessment to understand the child’s specific speech and language challenges. This may include evaluating their communication abilities, understanding their medical history, and identifying any underlying physical or cognitive conditions that may be contributing to the speech and language difficulties.

  • Goal Setting:

    Based on the assessment results, we establish achievable and measurable goals to track your child’s progress.

  • Individualized Therapy:

    Our personalized therapy sessions focus on strengthening areas of difficulty, building confidence and skills.

  • Family Involvement:

    We believe in the importance of family support, providing guidance and activities for practice at home.

  • Progress Monitoring:

    Regular assessments are conducted to track your child’s advancements and adjust the therapy plan as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Speech therapy for children is a specialized program that facilitates improvement in communication capability. It helps kids address speech and language disorders, making it possible for them to overcome obstacles concerning sounds, words, and understanding language. Speech therapy has the primary goal of improving their ability to express themselves effectively and engaging in everyday activities.
Learn more about speech therapy and how it can help your child.

Speech therapy is a process that involves sessions between the child and speech-language pathologist (SLP). During these meetings, play, conversation and visuals are used to stimulate language growth. The SLP shows correct language use and exercises to promote better communication.

If you have doubts about your kid’s speech and language progress, observe them carefully. See if they are keeping up with age-appropriate milestones. If you have misgivings or spot any delays, it would be a good idea to schedule an assessment with a speech-language pathologist to ascertain whether therapy is required.

We provide speech therapy services for children of all ages, from early childhood to adolescence. If your child is displaying issues with their communication skills or language abilities, our specialized intervention programs offer support and guidance towards their development.

Yes, Speech therapy can be a great help for those with autism or ADHD, aiding in the development of verbal and nonverbal communication as well as their social abilities. The goal is to achieve improved and more functional communication, eventually leading to better social interactions.

The therapist will collect the patient’s background and relevant info before starting the assessment phase. For children, it will appear like play as the therapist interacts with them, watches their individual play and socialization with you, and inspects if their capabilities are comparable to what is standard expectation. This approach of fun makes it easier for the therapist to gain a full understanding of your kid’s communication capacities and point out areas that require attention during speech therapy sessions.

The cost of speech therapy depends on the length and frequency of sessions, as well as the requirements of the child receiving therapy. To find out exactly how much these services will cost in your case, please contact our center. Our staff will provide you with personalised information.


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