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Disorders and Difficulties

At Sree’s Rehabilitation Center, we offer comprehensive therapeutic support for all kinds of developmental disabilities and congenital problems.


Autism is a very complex developmental disability which exhibits dysfunctions in communication (verbal and non –verbal), behavior, social skills and play, imagination and thought. This disorder manifests a wide range of variations in the characteristics and is commonly referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder. It affects more boys than girls.


Attention Deficit hyperactivity disorder is characterized by hyperactivity, impulsivity, poor attention span and inability to focus. Children are usually impulsive and hyperactive when they are excited. When these symptoms are present for a longer period and affect their daily routine then a diagnosis is made. Boys are more likely to be affected than girls. Diet intervention also helps children with ADHD.

Speech and language delay

A diagnosis of speech and language delay is made when the child is not meeting the speech and language milestones appropriate for the child’s age. Though speech and language usually co – exist, they can occur as separate entities also. Speech and language delay is seen with most of the developmental delays.
For speech-related challenges, certain therapies can make a real difference. Understanding more about these treatments could offer valuable support for your child.

Learning difficulty

Learning difficulty or learning disorder is brain’s inability to receive process, store and retrieve information. It can occur as a separate entity or can be due to certain handicapping conditions. There are specific types of LD such as reading difficulty (Dyslexia), writing difficulty, Math difficulty (Dyscalculalia), Non-verbal Learning difficulty, Auditory processing disorders, Dyspraxia etc.

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of movement, balance and posture. There are different types of CP. Spastic diplegia, Spastic hemiplegia, and Spastic tetraplegia, Ataxic, Athetoid / Dyskinetic. They exhibit difficulties in perception, Cognition, Sensory disturbances, speech and language delay, epilepsy.

Semantic pragmatic disorder

Semantic Pragmatic disorder as the name suggests is difficulties pertained to specific aspects of language. Semantics refers to word meaning and pragmatics refers to the social and non- verbal use of language .Hence these children have difficulties in understanding idioms, metaphors, riddles, jokes, body language, maintaining a conversation, topic initiation and do not know what to talk, when to talk, how to talk. It is usually seen with children with high functioning autism, Asperger’s syndrome.


Commonly referred to as Stammering is characterized by silent pauses, prolongations, blocks, and repetition of syllables, words or phrases, in short, affects the fluent speech Symptoms can vary from mild to severe and can be specific to individual, situation or language. It is seen both in children and adults.

Professionals involved in the intervention of children with developmental disabilities are speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, special educators, psychologists, dieticians, neurologists, pediatricians. Social workers, counselors etc; Improvements depends on various factors such as severity of the problem, time of intervention, co – existing conditions and family support.

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